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Are Air Fresheners Illegal California. Since then the company has grown into a global provider of high quality air freshening products. Were that true, the court wrote, people could be pulled over for “spherical crystals, parking placards, medical.

Are air fresheners illegal in Minnesota?
Are air fresheners illegal in Minnesota? from

It goes on to state that an air freshener is legal, as long as the driver’s view is not impeded. 11 is it illegal to have an. Hanging an air freshener in your car could mean you will be pulled over and handed a hefty fine.

Are air fresheners illegal in Minnesota?

Police traffic stops because of dangling air fresheners have already led to several court challenges. California law prevents you from placing any object in the vehicle that impedes your view through the windshield. Plus, you have to have an unimpeded rear view of. They must have another reason to pull you over.