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Is Linseed Oil Good For Horses. Unprocessed oils frequently have opaque, thick yellow material in the bottom. Flax also is a rich source of fibre, especially soluble fibre which gels when.

NAF Linseed Oil
NAF Linseed Oil from

They prefer the old process linseed meal which has more oil, is more palatable, and has more effect on bloom and hair luster. The oil contains substances which promote good health. Horses that are in hard work and those which have a poor appetite, compromised digestion or who are poor doers, can struggle to consume or gain sufficient benefit from hard feeds alone.

NAF Linseed Oil

Linseed meal i use is 39% my pssm horse has 800gm a day as he struggles with oil from a bottle above 100ml Put simply, the horse’s digestive system can extract energy from linseed oil more easily than it can from cereals. Charnwood milling sell a 25kg bag for £23.40 and even when you add postage still works out cheaper. Another frequently mentioned potential benefit of the high oil feed material linseed, is that it is very mucilaginous and could potentially form a protective layer in the stomach.