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Why Does Water Heater Smell Like Gas. People also asked, why does my water heater smell like gas? Hydrogen sulfide is the gas most likely to cause this smell.

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If you smell sulfur or what some may describe as “rotten eggs,” this may be a sign of a gas leak, which indicates there may be a problem with your water heater or other hvac equipment in your home. It is commonly caused by bacteria that forms in your hot water heater when it is run at low temperatures or turned off for a period of time. Your water could be contaminated with hydrogen sulfide gas if it smells like rotten eggs.

Furnace Capacitor Noise

By creating hydrogen sulfide in these issues, it creates a strong sulfuric smell that can be smelt everywhere. Propane manufacturers add the smell deliberately to help alert customers to propane leaks, which can create a safety hazard. However, that does not mean it is impossible to do yourself;. The most common cause of smelly water is anaerobic bacteria that exist in some water and react with the magnesium and aluminum sacrificial anodes that come with most water heaters to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, making the classic rotten egg odor.